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    I’m Still Here!

    Happy Love Month!

    I promise I did not disappear! January was simply a hard month for me and just as I feel like I’m getting my groove back a bit, guess what? I’m sick. All this up and down weather of hot and cold and hot and cold has caused my sinuses to seek revenge. Which means I’m snuggled up on the couch in my pjs, drinking hot coffee – it feels so good on my throat, and writing this blog post.

    First off, what have I read lately?















































    Only 3 have been read in 2019. Umm, I might be slacking a bit on the New Year. However, I will say this I started reading, A Discovery of Witches, and it is nearly 600 pages, longer than all the others here. It is also so chalk full of information that while there is a lot of description and detail you cannot skim over any of it or the next part doesn’t make any sense. It’s well written. I want to know what happens to Matthew and Diana but I’ve been reading book 2 in that series for a least 2 weeks now, because it just drags on and on in my opinion and I still don’t know if Matthew and Diana are going to make it back okay or not. So frustrating. I even took a break and read Kirsten’s new book, Always in Albuquerque, which you should read. I love the At the Alter series, especially the purple haired lady and her boobie bumps (aka hugs).

    I’ve got to get past this All Souls Trilogy and back to business. I’d probably give up but I did buy the second book, therefore I must finish it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to the third one or not though. Have you ever started reading something that you don’t hate but you don’t love and you just keep pushing through? What was it and was it worth it in the end?

    I guess since I’ve not read a lot of books so far for 2019 you might be wondering just what I’ve been up to…

    • Plotting out Lily Jo’s story to kick off my Grace Landing series coming late Spring/early Summer.
    • Decluttering my home! I have a mountain in my basement, it is ALL for a yard sale! I cleared out my entire kitchen. 3 bags of garbage and 4 big boxes added to the basement mountain.
    • I binge watched the Marie Kondo show… #doesitsparkjoy
    • I’ve cleaned carpets over and over – old dog, bad bladder = death of carpet.
    • Been hanging out in my Reader group a lot and having a blast.
    • Done a few book giveaways, like today, I’m hanging out in Amelia Adam’s reader group for her Author Takeover event.
    • Planning a couple events.
    • And keeping a secret from my Momma

    That’s about all. I guess you could say I had the January blues and took the month off, but in that month I have been focusing a lot on my house. I want to minimize clutter and find a way to keep the house cleaner so that I’m not so worried about it when I sit down to write!

    My son had a friend over earlier this morning and he happened to be standing by when my son opened the pantry to get out a snack. His friend said, “Wow, you are really organized!” Brier said, “I had nothing to do with that!” To which is friend says, “Well the Queen of you is REALLY organized!” haha I may have organized and labeled everything in there, it’s so easy to find! Everything has a home, to the point when my son bought some sub rolls he was like, “Mom, I’m just gonna lay this here, because I don’t wanna mess with that.

    I think I’ve frightened my family just a bit with my mad decluttering skills. If you scroll through my Instagram photos you’ll see my pantry. You can find them at the bottom of this post or heck visit my on IG and give me a follow. I’ll follow ya back and we can be friends! Amazing book loving, coffee drinking friends, unless of course you are one of my tea drinking friends.

    My husband took me on a surprise trip in January to New York City and the best part he took me to see Anastasia on Broadway! It was amazing. I had a great time. I’d go back just to watch it again and again. Anastasia is the movie we saw on our first date in 1997! Gosh, I’m getting old! Don’t tell anyone.

    Today is my best friend Jenny’s birthday and Tuesday is my Momma’s birthday! I’ve a secret I’ve been keeping from her. I’ll be announcing it LIVE on Facebook on Tuesday but until then I’m having fun torturing her. I love having secret surprises. I surprised Jenny once, it was the best! I wish I had a video of that one. If I did, I’d share it with you.

    Anyway, it’s just been a kinda of “chilled out” month or so. I’ve been making sure to take my Vitamin D and trying to keep myself motivated and moving. It’s hard sometimes. Rumor is January and February are the worst for it, what do you think?

    I’m signing off for now, but I’ll be back with a promised little snippet of a story on February 14th. Have a wonderful weekend!