After releasing two books and seeing this quote it really punched me in the gut. I mean, it’s a hundred percent true. I’ve dreamed of being an author for thirty years! I made that happen this year (2018) and those two books are a product of that thirty-year-old dream. I used to think putting my work out there was so difficult because it would mean laying my heart out there for everyone to see, but the truth is, it’s not just my heart. I’m handing you my dream.

I know I for one will never hold or read another book without taking a moment to truly appreciate the author’s bravery in sharing their dreams with me. Without their bravery, my To Be Read list would probably be very short. Without their bravery, there wouldn’t have been so many late nights devouring book after book, going on adventure after adventure, or reading passages that melted my heart, brought a tear to my eye, or made me laugh out loud. Without the bravery of those who’ve gone before me, where would my dream be today?

Words are a powerful thing and books well that’s a whole lotta power – treat it well.



The Possum Palace, and Other Redneck Tales is a nonfiction book about my life growing up with my Momma. I wrote this for her as a Mother’s Day gift and turned it into an epic Mother’s Day surprise. I’m so thankful to all the readers who helped keep my secret! It was released April 20, 2018, and I had to keep it quiet until May 13th! That wasn’t easy! Then my amazing readers took it one step further and on Mother’s Day shared photos of themselves with the book! I had so much fun writing this little book and honestly, I never expected to sell more than 10 copies, if that. I couldn’t believe it when people kept buying it, they’re still buying it! I’ve sold at least 60 copies, I don’t think that’s too bad for a new author on her first book, especially a nonfiction book, do you? I couldn’t have done it without my amazing family, friends, and readers.


The Possum Place and Other Redneck Tales can be found on Amazon. If you click on the photo of the book it should take you straight to it. It is only available in print, however, if you subscribe to my newsletter I will send you the e-book copy for free. When signing up for the newsletter you should be given a link to download the e-book, if you do not receive it please let me know.

My second book is part of a multi-author series called, Silverpines. Each book can be read as a stand alone, however, if you want a little more of the characters…

Wanted: Preacher is book nine of the series. Currently, there are eleven books out with more coming. I believe there will be a total of 20.



Moving to Oregon as a Mail-Order Bride had never been Abigail’s plan, but when she is suddenly forced from the only home she has ever known, a marriage of convenience may just be the only thing that can protect her. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and shortly after Abigail has wed her new husband drowns while attempting to save the life of a child. Alone and afraid in a town full of lost women, Abigail must search for a new man to protect her from a horrid fate. Can she hope to find a husband that will cherish her? Or will she again be forced to marry for convenience alone?

Pastor Akecheta James’ wedding day ended in a tragic death, leaving behind scars and pain. Ghosts of the past haunt him every step of the way to the small town of Silverpines. Called there by his blood-brother, Alexander, can Akecheta find his true future and perhaps love with the widow of the towns’ previous pastor?

Together, the two must fight to build a life from the ashes of their past, and conquer the trials of the life yet to come. Can they find much-needed solace in one another’s arms?


My third book, Wanted: Deputy will release on November 13, 2018.