Christmas Box Contest

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! It is my most favorite of holiday’s. I love the sights, the smells, the glitter and sparkles, the lights, and even the cheesy Hallmark movies. I love it all. To me it’s just a happy time of year, though for some I know it is very stressful and that makes me sad.

One of my favorite things about Christmas if giving. I love to give. I love to go shopping for that perfect little something. I enjoy watching the other shoppers, ┬álistening to the Christmas music fill the air, and not rushing through the season grabbing whatever might work for Sally, Susan or Bill. I want that item that stands out and says, “Oh she’d love this!”

This is my first Christmas as an author and I find myself needing to give something to say, “Thank you for supporting me this year.” Sadly, I cannot give to everyone or afford international shipping (yet). So, I decided to host my first Christmas Contest. Now, it is optional to enter. It is optional to follow me, like me, leave reviews, say hi, or whatever. I put at least 12 options on the list and there are points for each. Some of the options you can do each day. It is completely up to you, to enter.

What is the Prize? Well, it says: A CHRISTMAS BASKET but in truth it is a CHRISTMAS BOX as I could not find a basket I liked. Remember, I like looking for the perfect item. I suppose you want to know what is in the box uh? Well, in order to know that, you will have to follow me on Facebook as I’m not going to blog each day to share it. But as the season carries on I will find little things here and there, some will even be handmade and I will add them to the box. As I add items I will take a picture and post it on Instagram and Facebook. There will also be a few surprises included.

I hope this is something that you will enjoy participating in. I’m new to this hosting contest stuff. We do a fun little Top Ten monthly contest in my reader group, but that’s easy. This… is a whole new ball game. I would also love your feedback, it will help me prepare for next year. So, leave me a comment or send me a note and let me know what kind of things you think would make the Christmas Box worth it.

Thank you so much. I pray you enjoy the season and are blessed with many wonderful memories.



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  • April Marie Frazier

    Favorite Christmas memory has got to be decorating gingerbread houses and cookies with my kiddos every year. I have so many but that is probably my favorite! I love that I have made my own traditions and memories that are all pleasant for my kiddos, my childhood memories aren’t all good so to make sure my kids are means a lot to me.

    December 3, 2018 at 7:27 pm Reply
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