Feel Your Heart

Dirty Dancing. If you have the time take a moment to watch this, skip ahead to 1:26 and watch for a few seconds. That’s the part I want to draw your attention to.

 “It’s a feeling, a heartbeat. Ga Goong. Ga Goong.”

He’s passionate about dancing and the way the music gives a body the feelings to move along with it in time. Think about a song that you find yourself swaying to or tapping your foot, what causes the movement?

A feeling; right? The music and lyrics combined provide a beautiful harmony that effects you in a way that causes a reaction. It’s a powerful combination. I’ve always been drawn to music, especially country music. I love the story within the song; without the lyrics the song wouldn’t be as powerful to me.

Words are a powerful tool we wield daily and some of us are just crazy enough to believe we can wield them into a beautiful song or story. One that will withdraw a feeling causing a reaction. I know that is my goal with the novel I’m writing. I want cause the reader to feel something. Something that might draw a tear, a smile or a laugh. Something that touches their heart and causes it to beat to a happy little tune.

A dear friend of mine was trying to both, give me the third degree and encourage me yesterday. In her own kind of way she was telling me that my vision was out of focus and that I needed to clean it up.

So today, I bit the bullet and wrote a goodbye letter of sorts. It was harder than I expected it to be; I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. It’s hard to focus on where your heart is leading if it is being torn in too many directions.

I took a moment to really feel my heart verses listen to or follow it. I needed to feel what would make it happy and cause it to dance with joy again; to free it.


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  • Amber Willingham

    I hope that you never stop chasing after this dream You have so much talent and i know that you will touch many with your words !! Keep Writing ! love ya girl

    February 6, 2017 at 3:23 pm Reply
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