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So have you been reading the Silverpines Series? Or maybe the better question is did you even know about it? I’m horrible about keeping up with my website, as you might have noticed. I’m so sorry. I hope most of you keep up with me on Facebook, although that’s slim pickings these days. I swear Facebook hides our posts. There was a photo I saw recently that and I shared it on my own profile as a test. 

On day one, I got only 23 hello’s. On day two, I got 8. It took two days to get 31 people on my friend’s list to say hello. You should try it on your own profiles and see what happens. I had one friend say it took 8 hours for her to even see my posts. Isn’t that ridiculous? Facebook was once a place to share and connect and now you hardly see anything new. Kinda of a bummer.

Anyway, Silverpines is a multi-author series and there are now eleven books out with plenty more to come. We have our own reader group on Facebook, though all of the authors have their own personal reading groups too. Silverpine’s was struck by a double tragedy that nearly wiped out all the eligible men in town. The women had to band together and find a way to survive, so they each order a husband. Here is the order in which the books were written but they can each be read as a stand-alone.

  1. Mail Order Marshal by George McVey
  2. Wanted: Horse Breeder by Barb Goss
  3. Wanted: Gunsmith by Lynn Donovan
  4. Wanted: ShopKeeper by Sophie Dawson
  5. Wanted: Medicine Man by Christine Sterling
  6. Wanted: Innkeeper by Marianne Spritzer
  7. Wanted: Man of Honor by Parker J. Cole
  8. Wanted: Lawyer by Josephine Blake
  9. Wanted: Preacher by your’s truly, Renea Westlyn
  10. Wanted: Miller by George McVey
  11. Wanted: Engineer by George McVey

Book number twelve, Wanted: A Trusting Heart by Barb Goss

If you’d like to join the Silverpines Reader group, you are more than welcome! We’ll keep you up to date on each new release and chat about the books as well. We have a great time there.

Anyway – hope you are enjoying my updated website and are enjoying reading the Silverpines series.




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