It’s Always Tomorrow

Infinitely Better. Now, that’s a thought.

I find that usually one thinks; later or tomorrow. I know I have for most of my life. The timing never seems to be just right. Something is always a little off. I think I need more hours in my day, a little more quiet time, and a whole lot less fear. Truth be told; I need to manage my time better as I do have plenty of quiet time.

And fear, it is a mighty stronghold. One that controls time and energy spent. It is the noose around your neck. It is what holds you back from the longings of your heart. It is an excuse allowing us to justify our unfulfillment to ourselves caused by it’s brother; Doubt.

Perhaps you are familiar with these:

  1. I’ll start my diet tomorrow.
  2. I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.
  3. I’ll call her/him tomorrow.
  4. I’ll get groceries tomorrow.
  5. I’ll write it tomorrow.
  6. I’ll have more energy tomorrow.
  7. I’ll do it tomorrow…

I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who once said, “Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today“. It’s a shame many of us do not heed that advice. Perhaps this next quote will help with a little perspective on tomorrows.

There’s always tomorrow, until there’s not.” – Author Unknown.

I believe half of us are putting off till tomorrow, while the other half is wishing for just one more moment, a second chance or one last kiss.

Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow“. What if life offered you a second chance today and it slipped through your fingers because of Doubt and his brother Fear? Who was it that first said; SEIZE THE DAY!

I am of a mind to believe that tomorrow simply isn’t good enough anymore; at least not for me. Nothing is completely over until you stop trying. Every day is simply the opportunity to do infinitely better than the one before; while each tomorrow is a fresh start.

The page before you is blank; what will you do with it?


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