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Introducing: Barb Goss

I’d like you to meet Author Barb Goss! I met Barb through her Facebook group Sweet Wild West Reads. It’s a great active, welcoming and fun group where you can connect with authors, readers and play a few games.

Barb is one of the authors George McVey wrangled into participating in the multi-author series Silverpines.

Barb, tell us a little about you.

I live near Buffalo, NY and live with my husband and cat, Molly. I have 6 grandchildren, but only one locally.

How long have you been writing?

That’s not a simple question. I started in 1988, took 20 years off to work fulltime, retired, and I started writing again.

What genre’s do you write in?

I have only one book that isn’t Historical Western. I write Christian mostly but recently switched them to just sweet.

When were you first published?

1989 – 1994 Fleming Revell-second printing Baker Book House.

You were published traditionally and then switched to Indie, why is that?

I had some problems with the publishers and editors. I didn’t agree with some of the things they wanted to be changed. I don’t feel they promoted the books enough. My books appeared mostly in Christian bookstores. When my local store ran out, they tried to order and couldn’t. Each book takes months in the process…of course, back then we had to mail the manuscript back and forth. It took a lot of time and many stages. I felt the price they charged was too high. For the same number of pages as most of my 2.99 books, they charged 7.99. With Indie, you can publish the books as quickly as you want, and you can price them fairly. Also, at the time I had an “in” with a publisher, but to start all over is tough. Back in 1989, I received rejection slips from every publisher, yet when I took the same book to a writer’s convention three publishers bid for it. Go figure. I didn’t want to go through all that again. I like having the control.

How long does it take you to write a book?

I started back writing March or April 2015 and was putting out a book every 4 -6 weeks. In two years I published 31 books. I’m releasing #32 this month. However, I’m retired and have a wonderful husband who does most of the housework so I can write. I also had 20 years of ideas floating around in my head. I’m starting to slow down a bit now. It’s difficult after that many books to come up with fresh ideas.

Where can we find your published books?

Amazon Kindle Books and audiobooks are at and iTunes.

What can you tell us about your first book in the Silverpines series?

My book is the second book in the series. Wanted: Horse Breeder. It’s about a town ravaged by an earthquake and its recovery. Most things can be repaired in time, but with the mine collapsed and the lumber mill hit by a mudslide… there weren’t many eligible men in town. The widows were in dire circumstances. My heroine Laura needs someone to run her horse ranch. She and her daughter have little money left and with two suspicious men hanging around, she knew she needed a man–quickly. She sent for a mail order husband who knows horse breeding. Her intended arrives and while handsome and charming, he’d deceived her; he knew nothing about horse breeding.

Do you have a newsletter and how often does it go out?

I do. I was sending it on the first of every month but missed Dec. and Jan. due to no news. As soon as I get a release date for my new book, I’ll put one out and get back on schedule. You can sign up to recieve it at the bottom of my website.

Do you have a Facebook page, group or other platforms where you hang out to connect with your readers?

I do.

   Twitter   Reader’s Group: Sweet Wild West Reads  Audiobook Lovers

What is your favorite thing about writing books?

I get involved with my characters. Most writers love typing “the end” but I dread it. I feel bonded with the characters, and I miss them when the book is over. It also keeps me busy. Idle hands and all….

What other books do you have releasing this year?

Hopefully, next week, Ricochet Romance. It’s something a bit different. It’s a double book with two full-length books. Part 1 is about Reece Wellington and Part 2 is about his twin brother Rexton. It’s a fun book and I didn’t have to part with my characters too soon. It also kept me from a December release since I had to write two of them. My next release will be my Silverpines book. After that, I’m going to be a guest author in another series. But I’ll most likely get a few of my own out in between.

Have you done a multi-author series before?

Never. I wanted someone to ask me…and at the same time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. It’s like not being invited to a party that you wouldn’t have gone to anyway. LOL, I’m pleasantly surprised at how friendly and helpful the other writers are. I also love meeting new writers. I love cross promoting too.

What’s one unique non-writing fact about you?

Oh, I have a lot of those. Before I became a Christian I was an astrologer. I got paid for it and did very well. Then my pastor told me it was the work of the devil and I ditched it, even though I enjoyed it. I also do genealogy, which helps me a lot in writing historical books. I have ancestors that lived during those times and I’ve followed their lives, read newspaper articles about their joys and tragedies. I didn’t find any famous ancestors but I do have pension papers from my 4th great grandfather Jacob Hartzell who crossed the Delaware with George Washington and they landed in Princeton, NJ.

Wow, Barb! You’ve had quite the writing journey! That’s amazing. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit today. I look forward to reading your new releases this year and continuing to work with you on the Silverpines series. It is so wonderful to learn and connect with other authors. I’m truly enjoying the experience.

If you haven’t read any of Barb’s books, I’m going to recommend her Kansas Brides Series.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Barb. Stop back by tomorrow and meet Lynn Donovan!

Much Love,




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