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Introducing: Christine Sterling-Bortner

I would like you all to meet, Christine Sterling-Bortner. Now, honestly, I don’t know a lot about Christine. I met Christine, once again through George and the Silverpines project. I think she is the only author in the group, I hadn’t heard of or met yet. So I got to learn about her through this interview, just like you!

1. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. I received a blue Sears & Roebuck typewriter that year and a writing monster was created. I became a journalist (complete with the brown fedora and a paper that said “Scoop” in the hatband). I interviewed everyone for my paper and then turn around and sold issues back to the same people I interviewed for 25-cents. I found out making up stories was much more fun than fiction so I started writing stories featuring my family members, beloved pets, girls at school and my favorite pop superstars at the time. I recently found a story I wrote in 7th grade featuring my besties and the 80s band Duran Duran. I have been a fiction author, non-fiction author, cookbook author, technical writer, travel writer, medical writer, and ghostwriter. Romance is my first true love, though!

2. What genre’s do you write in?

I love all genres of romance! My main focus is mail order bride/groom historical romance with a Christian emphasis.

3. When were you first published?

I was first published for poetry in 1984. I then moved to being a writer for several confession magazines (True Story/True Detective/True Romance/Real Romance) magazines (they weren’t all true stories) and how much knowledge did a shy 19-year-old know about romance? But I was hooked. I released my first full-length romance novel under my own name in 2017, when I finally decided to get out of my own way!

4. Are you published Traditionally or Indie and why?

I had three full-length novels completed by the time I was 24. However, I was never picked up by a publishing house. I honestly gave up after several rejections. I was told that once you go to self-publishing or POD that a traditional publishing house would NEVER look at you again. This kept me playing small. I had fears about being an indie author because of these stigmas that were repeated back in the 80s and 90s. Now I’m going full force publishing all the things I wanted to over the past years!

5. How long does it take you to write a book?

Once I have the plot fully flushed, I can get a book done in about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, it takes longer for me to edit the book and get it ready for print!

6. Where can we find your published books?

You can find my books on Amazon Author Page. I publish exclusively on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited and will include audiobooks later this year.

7. What can you tell us about your first book in the Silverpines series?

My first book is called Wanted: Medicine Man.

Hattie Richards has two strikes against her: she is half-Native American and a woman. Even with her education as a physician, the town of Silverpines doesn’t see her as more than a healer. Her exotic looks and kind heart captures the attention many men and the irritation of many women. When a disaster strikes, Hattie aids the very people who rejected her skills.
Dr. Richard Childs has always wanted a practice of his own. When a position opens up in Silverpines, devastated by natural disasters, Richard knew this was it. The only condition? He must come as a mail-order groom. If that isn’t bad enough, his intended wife has no idea of his existence.

Hattie is grateful for the help he provides caring for the many wounded. If he would only stop talking as if they are getting married! She sent for a physician’s assistant, not a groom! As they work together, Hattie finds herself falling in love with the gentle doctor. He is caring, attentive and seems at ease working with Hattie and her more natural remedies. When things start happening around the town, Richard is the natural suspect. When Hattie becomes the target of these attacks, can Richard prove his innocence, his love, and heal the divide that has come between them?

8. Do you have a newsletter and how often does it go out?

I send out a newsletter once a month, and at a higher frequency during release time (but not too many). If you would like to join the Chat, Sip & Read newsletter and received author interviews, sneak peeks, free stories, and giveaways, sign up HERE.

9. Do you have a Facebook page, group or other platforms where you hang out to connect with your readers?

Yes, please! I’d love for you to connect with me at:
Reader Group: Chat, Sip & Read.
I am also active in the Pioneer Hearts.

10. What is your favorite thing about writing books?

I love crafting stories and characters that readers adore. There is nothing more fulfilling than a strong feminine character overcoming something, having a major transformation and receiving her Happily Ever After. Yes, all my books are HEA!

11. What other books do you have releasing this year?

In addition to the current Black Hills Brides Book 1 and the Silverpines book, I have a few books coming out this year:
Black Hills Brides Series
Her Secret Baby (BHB #2) will be released in early February and Her Secret Shame (BHB #3) will be released in April. Book #4, Her Secret Love is planned for later this Fall. Right now this is a four book series unless I’m called to continue development!
Heart of Gold Series
Eleanor (HOG #1) will be released in the Summer of 2018 time frame. It is nearly complete!
Victoria (HOG #2) will be released at the end of the year.
The Flower Maidens Series
This is a brand new series I’m developing where the main female characters all have flower names. These are short mostly contemporary stories where the heroine needs to overcome extenuating circumstances to find true love. Right now I’m planning on 10 books in this series. They will be released in between the other books.
Contemporary Romance
I have two Contemporary Romances being released this year.
Kami’s Sutra is being released as part of an Alpha Anthology in July 2018. It tells the story of a love lost, returned and the power of a persistent man in winning back the woman he loves.
Morning’s Dove is a follow-on to Kami’s Sutra and involves characters from Kami’s Sutra. It tells the story of Kami’s best friend and a promise she made when she was a teenager. When the man comes to claim that promise there is a whole lot of fun to be had!

12. Have you done a multi-author series before?

This is my first multi-author series and I love seeing all the plot developments and intertwining of the stories. It is a great feeling to be surrounded by writers of this caliber.

13. What’s one unique non-writing fact about you?

I know all the words to School House Rock’s grammar & history editions. I can sing “Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla” on demand!

Thank you so much, Christine! It’s been a pleasure!

Much Love,



P.S. Don’t forget to join ALL nine of us this Saturday 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. for our Silverpines Party!



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