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Introducing: George H. McVey

I’d like you to meet Author George H. McVey, affectionately known as PG, for Pastor George. He is a wonderful author whom I met through the Pioneer Hearts Facebook group – a great place to meet new authors and find new books to read.

George is my writing mentor, friend and the mastermind behind the brand new book series; Silverpines! He has even wrangled eight other authors to help him bring this series to life and I would like you to meet him.

George, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I always wanted to be a superhero; sadly, no radioactive storms or animals have been a part of my life. One day while spinning a tall tale for my family, some suggested once again that with all my experiences in ministry, and my imagination, I should be writing books. After much debate with myself, I decided: Why not?
Since then, I’ve been hard at work using my creative imagination and writing several books.
I live in the wonderful state of Almost Heaven, West Virginia. I live in a basement apartment with my wife of thirty-one years, Sheri, and a service dog named Daisy Mae.
If you ever come to visit, you will probably find me sitting in my office working on some writing project.

How did you come up with the idea of Silverpines and why?

It was May of 2017 and I was thinking ahead to the coming year. I knew that I’d be finishing up the Redemption Tales series and that during 2018 I’d finish my Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary series and was trying to decided what to write next. I wanted another Mail Order series but I wanted something different and realized that I’d only ever seen a couple of stories about women who asked for a husband by letter. So I kicked the idea around with some people I trust and started figuring out the basic idea that has become Silverpines. 

Silverpines has changed a lot since that initial idea. The changes are due to the talented team of writers working on this series. I think they took my little idea and made it into something wonderful; I can’t wait for the readers to experience them.

What are your hopes for the Silverpines series?

Honestly, I really have only two hopes. The first is that the authors involved in this series have fun working together and crafting this series, it’s characters, and the town. The second hope is that the readers fall in love with the town, its residents, and our stories as much as I have.

What can you tell us about your book in the series?

Well, my first book in the series is titled Mail Order Marshal and is not only the first book in the Silverpines series; it is also a Bride of Beckham book using some characters created by Kirsten Osbourne. Betsy Pike finds out her fiancé Ike, the town marshal, has been killed by a gambler the night before their wedding. The gambler takes over as marshal and demands that Betsy takes two months to grieve Ike and then move into his bed as his pretend wife. Betsy convinces the town council to let her send for a mail order husband with experience as a lawman; they’ll authorize him to arrest the gambler and get justice for Ike. That’s the basic premise of my first book in this series.

How long does it take you to write a book?

It varies but on average 10-14 days. That is if the words are flowing and all is right in my world.

Do you enjoy being the leader in such an undertaking?

There is something nice about working with a group of authors to craft a complex series like this. At times, it is extremely enjoyable and at others extremely frustrating. I love the fact that I got to choose several authors that I’ve wanted to work with and who I enjoy reading. So overall, I guess I do enjoy it.

Where can we find your published books?

On my Amazon Author Page

Do you have a newsletter and how often does it go out?

I do; it goes out only when I have new books to share. People can sign up and get a short story book that isn’t available anywhere else titled “Grandpa Mac’s Tall Tales.” Click HERE to sign up.

Do you have a Facebook group or other platform where you hang out and connect with your readers?

I do. I have a website as well as a Facebook readers group, George’s Gorgeous Readers.

I’m also part of Pioneer Hearts, Sweet Wild West Reads, Christian Indie Authors Writers and Readers groups on Facebook.

What is your favorite thing about writing books?

Getting to craft a story that others love almost as much as I do.

When is the first book of the Silverpines series being released?

Mail Order Marshal kicks off the Silverpines series and will tell you why there is such a desperate need for husbands in this town. You can expect it on March 13 with another new book to follow every other week until the first nine books are out. I believe the readers will enjoy them as much as we did writing them.

What other books do you have releasing this year?

I have a very ambitious goal to publish 34 new novels this year. The last five Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Books, several more Cowboys and Angels books, and a couple of stand-alone romances. Plus, I’m introducing two new personal romance series a contemporary Romance series called “The Princess Brides Series” and a Historical Western Romance called the Redemption Romance Collection. That’s on top of my two novels is the Silverpines series and a secret series coming later this year I can’t talk about yet.

My, my George! That is ambitious! If anyone can do it, I believe you can. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with us today! I look forward to reading your new releases this year and continuing to work with you on the Silverpines series.

If you haven’t read any of George’s books, I do recommend you check them out. You are bound to love his stories of Nugget Nate!

Stop back by tomorrow to meet another author from the Silverpines series!

Much Love,





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