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Introducing: Josephine Blake

Today, we meet Josephine Blake! Guess what? I did not meet her through George! I know it’s a rare thing with these interviews. Josephine and I connected a while back over books and cover designs. She’s a very helpful friend and I enjoy chatting with her when time allows. She’s a very busy lady and I would also say, hyper. She has a game night on her Facebook page and if you’ve ever attended, you understand. I’ve already nicknamed her the “Okeydokey Twin” with Parker J. Cole, but if I hadn’t I think I’d have to call her Tigger…bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. She’s so fun though and if you have the chance to attend one of her game nights, you totally should!
Let’s get to know Josephine!
How long have you been writing?
Well, in all honesty, I’ve always wrote. Ever since I was a little girl. The first story I can remember writing was a short series about a magic pencil that I wrote in 3rd grade. 🙂
What genre’s do you write in?
Primarily Historical Romance. My books usually fall into a subgenre in that category. Western, American, Gothic, but the main constant is Historical Romance.
When were you first published?
I published my first book in August of 2016.
Were you published traditionally and then switched to Indie? Why?
Naw. I went indie from the start. I like having control over my work; overall the covers and how my books are marketed. I like having the power to make changes where I see fit and hold on to the elements that I love in my stories.
How long does it take you to write a book?
Depends on the length of the book. Usually anywhere from a couple weeks to two months or so once I get going.
Where can we find your published books?
They’re all available exclusively on Amazon. You can read for free with Kindle Unlimited!
What can you tell us about your first book in the Silverpines Series?
Well, my first book in the Silverpines series centers around a young widow named Victoria Davenport, who came from wealth and married for love (against her parent’s wishes.)
When her husband, the MAYOR of SIlverpines, passes away, she’s left to fend for herself in a devastated town that is struggling for survival….
Victoria is overcome with a terrible and intense fear of the outside world and hides herself away in the Mayor’s house. It will be up to our hero to help Victoria conquer her fear and show her that there’s more to love than loss.
Do you have a newsletter and how often does it go out?
I do have a newsletter. It goes out about once a month or so. You can join it HERE
Do you have a Facebook page, group or other platforms where you hang out to connect with your readers?
Sure! You can connect with me the best through the Rumor Mill on Facebook:
But I’m also available via Pinterest
And my website:
What is your favorite thing about writing books?
My favorite thing about writing would probably have to be the ability to immerse myself in a different world. Writing is full of possibilities. It’s like dreaming… but I’m wide awake, and anything can happen. 🙂
What other books do you have releasing this year?
Well, I’m planning for at least two books (potentially three) in my Hands of Fate series, and I’m tentatively playing around with another series set in my hometown of Oregon City, Oregon. We’ll see how it goes. 😉
Hands of Fate, Book One, A Brush with Death is available HERE.
Have you done a multi-author series before?
This is my first one, and I’m incredibly excited about it!
What is one unique non-writing fact about you?
Non-writing? Can it be that I moonlight as a cover artist, or is that too close?
Lol. How about…. I love old classic cars. I had the privilege of restoring my first car, an old 1973 Pontiac Ventura, with my dad. I love that thing, and I drive it every chance that I can get.
Awesome Josephine! Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us today. Also, congratulations on putting your books on KU! I, for one, am very excited about that!
And that’s it, folks! You’ve met the NINE Authors of Silverpines. Goodness gracious whatever shall I share with you next!
For those of you that attended our Reveal party last night THANK YOU for coming! We had a great time and it went so fast! We do apologize for the technical difficulties, we’ve made a few changes that will hopefully fix that and we’re already discussing our next PARTY! WooHoo! I’m so excited about these series, y’all have NO idea!
However, I have a book that I PROMISED myself I would finish before January 31st – so with that said, if you don’t hear from me until February 1st that’s why! It’s really close to being finished and I cannot wait to share it with you! Oh and Josephine designed my cover! She’s amazing – just sayin’.
Now, then I must get to writing. I’ll visit with you again soon. Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!
Much Love,

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