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Introducing: Lynn Donovan

I’d like you to meet Author Lynn Donovan, whom I believe I was introduced to last year by George McVey when they were working on the Java Cupid series.

Lynn is a beautiful, sweet soul. She is kind and funny and honestly, I have been most excited to share her review with you. I think you’ll see why!

Lynn, tell us a bit about you…

I like to say that God put me on this earth as a comic relief. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. I judge movies and books by the emotions it stirs in me, especially if it makes me laugh. When you read my books, you’ll see that even in serious situations, there’ll always be a comic twist that makes you go: Ha, that’s funny. Then, I have fulfilled my divine destiny. Besides that, I was born and raised in Texas, lived in Kansas 10 years with my husband of 10 years, Paul, (we’ve been together 13 years) and now we live in Cañon City, Colorado. We love it here! We have a crazy house hold full of husband and wife, special needs sister, daughter, and four grandsons, our eight dogs (yes I said eight) her 1 dog, (that makes nine!), two cats, and six chickens. (Only the chickens don’t live in the house, although they sneak in the back door once in a while to eat the dogs’ food.)
1. How long have you been writing?
Since 2011, but in reality, I was that kid who imagined how our pretend playing should go and told everybody what roles they were to play and how it should be. I guess I heard the muses even back then.
2. What genre’s do you write in?
Oh wow. I write my story and then figure out what genre it belongs in. I love good ghost stories (not blood and guts with gore smeared all over it, like, you know, Ghost Whisperer-type stories. I’ve written several of those. I love Sci-Fi. I’ve written two of those. I’ve written contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and now I’m writing historical western romances. I also love-love time travel stories, so keep a lookout…
3. When were you first published?
The latter part of 2011. It was that day if you might remember when the heavens opened up and we all heard angels singing. Yeah, that was why.
4. Were you published traditionally and then switched to Indie? Why?
My first three books were published by Pauline Creeden, an indie publisher who helps upstarts like me to get published. Then she pat me on the head and said, “Go forth and published yourself.” I screamed and cried for a year and with much support and encouragement from a dear author friend, I took the leap of faith and did it. That was Fertility Pirates. I’ve been Indie ever since.
5. How long does it take you to write a book?
It depends, of course. I have written a full novel in two weeks and I’ve written some in six weeks.  It really depends on whether my muses are talking to me, and if I can carve out time from being Gi Gi to my four grandsons, wife to my husband, church, friends, life! But despite the grands and the dogs who are certain I gave birth to them and they must be in my lap at all times, and life, I do get my stories out fairly quick.
6. Where can we find your published books?
I’m on Amazon.
7. What can you tell us about your first book in the Silverpines series?
First of all, this is such a fun series to be involved in. My story is Wanted: Gunsmith.  It’s about a 19-year-old gal who doesn’t ever want to get married, period. There’s a series of natural disasters that wipe out the town’s men. Shortly after her poppa dies, her momma basically loses her mind to grief. Con men come into their devastated town and start ripping people off and threaten her if she doesn’t participate in their scam. As a desperate measure, Sarah Gillham agrees to go in with the other women to advertise for a husband. But remember she doesn’t ever want to get married.  Mason Dekum has been run out of his hometown in Massachusetts by his father-in-law who accuses him of causing his wife’s death. He leaves with the patterned mold for the latest Smith & Wesson revolver and heads west. He comes across the ad for a Gunsmith-husband, and decides, “Why not?” Although he doesn’t ever want to get married again, he figures this is a safe distance away from his very powerful FIL and he’ll figure out how to get out of the marriage when he gets there. So the story goes. How will these two get things figured out? You’ll have to read the book to find out.
8. Do you have a Facebook page, group or other platforms where you hang out to connect with your readers?
I have an author page and a readers page on Facebook. Author Lynn Donovan and Lynn Donovan’s Readers I’m also in Sweet Wild West Reads and Pioneer Hearts.
9. What is your favorite thing about writing books?
Taking the tempestuous ideas in my head and putting them on paper (so to speak) and then having people enjoy them. That’s so cool!
10. What other books do you have releasing this year?
I believe I have 10 to 12 books planned. I say I believe, because sometimes other opportunities present themselves to me and I wedge them in, So I could have more. I have my own series called Gunther City Mail-Order Bride Series, at least two with this series, and two with another series which will all be released by summer. There’s a secret series I in that I can’t talk about yet, but it’ll be Christmas related. I have two or three contemporary stories that are begging to be written. and … who knows.
11. Have you done a multi-author series before?
Yes, I wrote with other authors on two other multi-author series. One was Java Cupid Series, which originated with one small idea of a mysterious cupid who put heat sensitive messages on peoples’ coffee cups which led to happy ever after romances with their true loves. We had five authors involved and the stories were amazing. My second MAS was the Phantom Horse Bridge Series, which was created through a conversation with George McVey and myself. We talked out the plot, town, and characters. Then brought in another author and ran with it. Both were a lot of fun and several great stories were published.
12. What’s one unique non-writing fact about you?
I know a limited amount of sign language. I have a younger sister, LeeAnn, who lives with me because she was born blind, deaf, and mentally limited due to Rubella Measles early in her gestation. I tell people I don’t really know sign language, I know LeeAnnese.
See what I mean, full of humor, that one!
I recommend checking out the Java Cupid series, it’s a lot of fun.
Thank you so much for sharing Lynn. I look forward to reading your releases this year and working with you on the Silverpines Series.
Tomorrow, I’ll be introducing Sophie Dawson! Hope you’ll stop back by and have a cup of coffee with me.
Much Love,

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