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Every week I send out a newsletter and as I was deciding what I should write over here today, I released I said everything I needed to in my newsletter or at least I think I did. Therefore, I made a management decision – on Tuesday’s I will post the news. Now, on to the news!


Book number twelve of the Silverpines series is LIVE! Even more exciting news is the author Barbara Goss is having her first ever release party! If you click the image it should take you to the event page. The party starts at 7 p.m. EST. I believe there will be some prizes, games, and contests. Hopefully, you’ll have some time to stop by and say Hi this evening. I’ll be popping in for just a moment to say HI as well. I won’t get to stay long as I have a date this evening with my daughter and I’m spending every little moment I can with her before she leaves for college. I’m going to miss her so much, but I’m so excited for her!

Wanted: A Trusting Heart

A Chinook Indian by heritage, Dawn was orphaned and given to a white family as a slave. They raised her like one of their own, alongside their daughter Laura.

Dawn soon finds herself falling for Jake, who recently moved to Silverpines, following his brother from Texas. Jake gets to know Dawn well and soon realizes that he has fallen in love with her. The catch? Though society had come a long way, it still held prejudices against Native Americans and the whites who married them. Through prejudice and calamities, the two will have to fight for their love and trust in one another with all their hearts.

Are Dawn and Jake willing to take the risk for love? Can they face the prejudices together? This is part of a series but a stand-alone read.

Okay, so not really. BUT I’m tired of the boring, “I invite you to join blah, blah, blah.” Ya know? So here’s the scoop. I have a reader’s group. I’d love for you to join if you haven’t. Why? Because I like you and you like me and we love books and coffee and most likely cookies, why else? We’re friends, man! So come on in, pull up a chair, drink some coffee and have a cookie.

Notifications for NEW books or from my readers are my absolute FAVORITE type of notifications! I get REALLY excited when Jana DeLeon has a new book out! Especially a Miss Fortune Mystery! Even my husband reads these, though he lets me read them first. Isn’t he sweet? He knows though when that notification comes through for one of her books I am out of commission, mia, not to be disturbed or whatever you wanna call it for at least the next three hours. I adore these books! They make me laugh so hard. The antics these women get up to are just so hilarious and the fact that I could see half of it happening to my redneck family in Missouri is the highlight! Anyway, I finished reading Reel of Fortune last night and it did not disappoint! If you are looking for books to make you laugh – the Miss Fortune series will accomplish it.

Currently, I am reading Rachel Wesson’s Orphan Train Escape. Rachel is another of my favorite authors. A great series of hers is the Clover Springs series. Trails of the Heart is also really good. Orphan Train Escape is the beginning of a new series but I believe it has some very familiar characters in it. I’m not too far into it yet, so I can’t give you a review, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with one of Rachel’s heartwarming stories.


I am part of a Facebook group called, Book Brigade. I haven’t been a very good member of the group. Just kinda lurking, liking a few things and such. However, I’ve made it my goal this month to be an active participant. After all, it’s like a book club! Each month there is a theme and two books to read and discuss. The book this month is A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare. I am not familiar with this author or her books. So I’m in for a surprise. Sadly, A Lady by Midnight is book three and I have to read things in order, so I’ve got two books to read before I get to the correct one! I don’t know what the second book for the month is as it has not yet been posted by the theme is Lost & Found. What books would you recommend for a theme like that?

I recently finished both of these books. Kit Morgan is yet another favorite author of mine, whom I will actually be meeting in a few days at an author/reader luncheon in Pennsylvania. So excited & slightly nervous. However, it’s time I put myself out there and made connections with these other authors, ya know? Sarah & the Doctor is also the beginning of a new series with a few familiar characters from I believe her Cutter’s Creek series. Which is my favorite series of her’s, just sayin’.

Kara Isaac is a new author to me and this book was recommended to me when I asked for books that made you laugh out loud. Now, it was a good book, however, there was really no major laugh out loud moments. Sure, I chuckled a couple times and a few times felt tears prick at my eyes but the feeling of tears was not from laughter. It was a good book, you would probably enjoy it, but for me, it did not fit the “what book had you rolling in the floor laughing” bill. Ya know?

I’ve been looking for some books that make you laugh out loud, hold your stomach from laughing, and tears pouring down your face from laughing kinda books – so if you gotta a suggestion, hit me up man.

Friendly reminder: Don’t forget to leave reviews. It really helps the author out.

…but be honest!


Are you on Goodreads? It’s a great place to connect with other readers as well as authors. You can participate in a reading challenge, leave reviews, and all kinds of fun stuff. I love that Goodreads keeps track of the books I’ve read because honestly, I forget sometimes and I’m like, “Did I read that? Umm.. go ask Goodreads.” It’s great!





Do readers and authors really play on SnapChat? I don’t know! All I know is it’s a lot of fun and my Momma is always chatting with me on SnapChat. She loves those funny voice-overs and I’ve learned that if I do a video clip via SnapChat it cuts me off if I get to talking too much. So it’s a great way to make a short video and pop it into my reader’s group. You just never know what’s gonna happen up in there. Some days are boring, some days are informative, some days are WHOA MOMMAshe’s had too much coffee! Slow your roll woman! Know what I’m sayin’? So, if you are a snapchatty person and wanna connect there, feel free!





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