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From the Past

I find it comical some of the things my younger self once wrote. Sorting through things in my office has been an interesting little trip down memory lane. I’ve found things and wondered, “When did I write this” or “Why did I write this”. I have found a little book that I kept several poems in, along with a book I stored my writing pieces from Creative Writing class my Senior year of High School, a news paper article I wrote and the ONE book with my published poem that happened in 1999. I have SO many little journals – it’s a good thing my husband is building me lots and lots of shelves.

Anyway, I thought you might find the trip down memory lane enjoyable while I work on Union’s story. It’s 1882 and she is currently getting off the train in a dry and dust filled town, wondering if her journey will ever end. The poor girl, she’s so tired and I must get back to her story so that she might find some rest.

Descriptions Part 1

I am currently working on writing better descriptions, showing verses telling, and so I’d like to share a teeny bit with you. I would love to know if reading this small clip evokes any kind of feeling and if so what? What do you feel? What do you think might occur next? If you feel inclined please leave me some feedback. I would greatly appreciate that. Here we go…

Golden rays of sunlight drifted through the sheer white curtains of the bay window filling the room in a blanket of warmth as they gently kissed Aaleahya’s face and teased her eyelids open. Had the spring rains washed away the dismal gray clouds and morphed into summer at long last? Rising from her bed, she rushed to the window, pushing the curtains aside and there high in the sky the sun greeted her like an old friend ready for adventure.

Oh and umm, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! What is your most romantic memory? Love stories are simply the best, don’t you think?