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StoryCrafters Lesson 1

“I promise not to quit until I’ve written THE END.”

The first assignment is to find a Quote or Scripture and write it on the inside cover of my Writer’s Notebook, to share one story idea and to share my writing schedule and goals.

As a collector of quotes I found this very difficult and when things I difficult I look to the Bible. Therefore, I chose a scripture.

“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give that to receive.’”

Acts 20:35

I chose this one – after changing my mind a couple of times – because it speaks of my desire as a writer and is something to aspire to. I want to make my reader FEEL something, to touch their life in some tiny way…to help them. If the words I string together become a gift of some sort to a reader, even if it’s just one, then I will be a blessed writer indeed.

I also chose it because it speaks of hard work and I struggle with procrastination big time. I’m not going to be able to bless anyone with a written gift if I do not get out of my own way and write it.

Story Idea: The Last See-ya Later. My family has dealt with a lot of grief in the last 3 years and recently my Mom was visiting and something in our conversation on the way to the airport caused this idea to bloom. The assignment here also includes staying up to date on the world. I am working on watching the news/current events for 10 minutes; that’s another struggle. I’ve been a military wife for half my life. My husband is retired now, but I’ve never watched the news. It was a way to safe guard my heart and mind when he would deploy. No sense in scaring myself half to death. Jesus said, ‘Do not fear’ – the news does not help me obey him.

Writing time: Tuesdays/Thursday’s are my completely empty and quiet days in which to write for hours upon hours. Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s I can generally write between 12-3. Sometimes I write on weekends too. I have an insane amount of free time. My children are both in high school and I stay home. I work out and volunteer at my local CrossFit box M/W/F from 8-11 – after that the day is all mine. It’s just a matter of managing all that free time vs mindless scrolling or binge reading.

Writing Goals: To stop being afraid and keeping it all to myself, to put my work out there…to be brave.

Lastly, I’m supposed to find a novel to read over the next 40 weeks to help me develop my voice further. I finish novels in a day or two…so perhaps a novel or three a week will be acceptable.

Assignment one has been sent in! I need a little checkmark icon to add there.

My Book Therapy

Novel Academy. While living in England a few years ago I got involved with My Book Therapy, a program created by author Susan May Warren to coach aspiring authors. I was working on writing a book. I’ve always been working on a book, always. It’s that thing I want to accomplish so much and the same thing procrastinate about over and over. I am constantly in my own way.

Take today for example. I knew I needed to sit down and catch up on some classes through Novel Academy – I try to do several at a time. I also knew I needed to do some of my own writing. What I ended up doing is cleaning the house and going to the movies with my son. I hate vacuuming but I do love going to the movies with my son. Here’s the secret, writing is hard work and sometimes the mood isn’t there. You can’t wait around for the mood to show up either or you’ll never accomplish your goal. Trust me, I know.

I did knock off 2 classes from Novel Academy today and I’m currently awake, planning to knock out a little more tonight while my home is silent. I work best in silence and it drives my family crazy! I’m not one for white noise. If the radio is on, I’m actually listening to it and that is difficult to do if you are writing because then you end up writing the song lyrics! If the T.V. is on, I’m actually watching it. I do not multi-task well.

I have learned so much from My Book Therapy, past and present included. I am LOVING Novel Academy. It is full of helpful information and I find myself thinking of new things for my current wip (work in progress) as I go along. It’s like one massive brainstorming party!

I have some assignments coming up – writing ones of course and it was recommended we keep a notebook/journal for them. I will, but I think I’ll also post each here as well. Perhaps, it will be something you enjoy – at least I hope so.