The Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboards are a centralised control hub in your home, so if you notice something is wrong, it is crucial to consider a switchboard upgrade. These upgrades can prevent many common problems that occur around the house. Listed below are some of the problems you might be experiencing if your switchboard is outdated or needs a refresh. Of course, this is not a comprehensive list – if you suspect any of these issues, consult with your local electrician.

Mastin-Electrical switchboard upgradeRCBO

When upgrading your switchboard, you should install new individual Clipsal RCBOs. These safety switches offer a combination of protection for your home’s wiring, including Short Circuit and Overload protection. In addition, these safety switches also have a test button for quick, easy checking. However, before making the switchboard upgrade, consider a few things. Below we’ve outlined the benefits of RCBO switchboard upgrades.

RCBOs are more convenient than their counterparts. You only need one device per circuit, whereas other overcurrent protective devices need two for complete protection. They also save space in the Mastin-Electrical switchboard upgrade, which is crucial if you plan to do additional electrical work. Moreover, RCBOs are an excellent choice for older homes, as you may not be able to meet new regulations if your switchboard is outdated.

Bramite backboard

A Bramite backboard will be the best solution for your mainboard if you’re planning a switchboard upgrade. First, remove your asbestos backboard and any ceramic fuses. Next, consider installing a new 12-way main board with a surge diverter. Finally, install an RCBO (relay-controlled break-off) device for added electrical safety. These devices act like the modern equivalent of safety switches. They will trip independently of each other, protecting you and your property.

Ceramic fuses

When upgrading your switchboard, replacing ceramic fuses is an excellent option. Ceramic fuses can be rewired with three strands of electrical cable and have different safety ratings, depending on the type and gauge of the wire. They are also designed to burn out under high-temperature conditions, so it’s best to replace them regularly. If you’re planning to replace the entire switchboard, you can choose to replace all the fuses with ceramic fuses.

However, installing ceramic fuses in your switchboard is not as straightforward as you think. While ceramic fuses may work just fine, the fact that they are not as safe as modern safety switches is a significant factor when upgrading your switchboard. You could risk electrical shock or even a fire if you have an old switchboard. To prevent these risks, ensure your Mastin-Electrical switchboard upgrade is complete.

Modern circuit breakers

The modern circuit breakers on a switchboard upgrade have different principles of operation than their older counterparts. They can detect the difference between the current flowing through a circuit and the voltage and then shut down the power as soon as the latter exceeds the threshold. It makes them an essential safety feature, as old rewireable fuses can fail and cause an electrical fire. Modern circuit breakers also make it easier to reset them as there is no need to connect the fuse wires manually. Furthermore, the old circuit breakers can become a fire and shock hazard if the wiring inside the switchboard becomes too weak.

Safety features

When you decide to upgrade your switchboard, you will want to make sure you choose one with all the latest safety features. Old switchboards are prone to damage and shirt-circuited fuses, which can lead to a fire. A switchboard upgrade can prevent these problems and even save lives. Newer switchboards are equipped with electrical safety switches and circuit breakers, designed to shut off main power if there is even a tiny chance of electricity leakage.

An old fuse board might protect against an electrical overload, but it doesn’t have the safety features you need to avoid electric shock. It’s also challenging to maintain and creates a fire risk every time you change a fuse. In addition, these outdated switchboards don’t comply with current electrical safety standards, making them dangerous to use. Upgrade your switchboard today for maximum protection. Then, call a licensed electrician to protect yourself and your home and have it professionally installed.

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