InBook Release, Silverpines Series

The Silverpines Series

Silverpines has LAUNCHED!!! I’m so stinking excited!!! The first book is also a crossover book for the Brides of Beckham series – so if you’re a fan you should really check this out! George did a great job with this story and I just love it! I hope you will too!


Betsy Pike’s world comes crashing down when her fiancĂ©, Silverpines’ Town Marshal, is gunned down on the eve of their wedding. To add insult to injury, his killer takes over every part of Ike’s life, the job of marshal, his house, and he even wants Betsy. What’s a girl to do? The men of the town won’t stand up to the outlaw and self-appointed marshal. When he gives her two months to grieve, Betsy comes up with a desperate plan: contact Elizabeth Tandy and order up a husband who has experience as a lawman.

Alexzander Sewell feels like he’s in the wrong place in Beckham, Massachusetts. Born and raised on Ryder Mountain in Harlan, Kentucky, he longs for the mountains of his youth. When his mother moved the whole family to remarry, he became stuck in the town of Beckham. Now his friends, the Tandy’s, offer him a chance to go west, all the way to the Rocky Mountains. The only catch: he must marry a woman in desperate need of a husband and a lawman. Can he find a way to be what Betsy needs and spend time in the mountains?

Can Betsy let go of her love for Ike and learn to love her mail-order husband? Can Alexzander compromise on his dream of disappearing into the mountains to be the man his wife needs? Can they bring the killer to justice or will a series of natural disasters not only spell the end of Silverpines but of their marriage, too? What’s a woman to do when she orders up a Mail Order Marshal?


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