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If you’re looking for a high quality, compact power tool with an impressive product warranty, look no further than AEG power tools. Tool-Kit-Depot AEG is a German company manufacturing power tools since 1883. Learn more about this company and its tools in this article. Its compact design and solid build will give you peace of mind when you need to perform various tasks. And, you can count on AEG to back up its promises with a long product warranty.

Tool-Kit-Depot AEGAEG was founded in 1883

The AEG factory was founded in Berlin near Nordbahnhof, which was then known as Stettin bahnhof. Wilhelm Wedding, a businessman, acquired the land for the AEG factory and expanded its product range. In 1887, Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrowolsky was hired as chief engineer and later promoted to vice-director. Dobrowolsky worked on rotary power, building on the work of Nikolai Tesla, and later made his contribution to the development of AC motors.

The company began as the Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft and initially produced electrical equipment. Soon, it expanded its scope and became involved in AC electrical transmission systems. In 1907, the company hired artist Peter Behrens to create the first corporate identity. All company products and advertisements shared the same design features and were linked to the company’s name, AEG. The AEG brand was known for manufacturing electric motors and transformers in the following decades.

AEG is a German power tool manufacturer

AEG POWERTOOLS is a storied company with a tradition of German craftsmanship. For more than 120 years, the company has provided professional users with high-quality power tools. AEG has been a pioneer in developing modern technology and innovations and has pioneered such things as the pistol handle design. They were also early adopters of double-insulated electronic drills, cordless tools and universal motors.


In the early 1980s, Europe suffered a recession, and many tool companies were closing down. As the market became saturated with brands, many of these companies were either bought or went out of business. Elu and Kress were two examples of companies that hit hard times and were swallowed by other companies. In the early 70s, a Bulgarian company purchased the license rights to make AEG tools. The company then made them under the AEG name with their full livery.

Tool-Kit-Depot AEG power tools are compact.

The subcompact range of AEG power tools features new outer rotor motor technology. This technology increases the diameter of the motor from the point of rotation to the point of force, thereby maximising torque. These tools are compact and lightweight and offer the standard features of drill drivers – 2-speed settings, variable clutch, and built-in light. While their compact size makes them great for tight spaces, they’re notable for their powerful performance.

They have a long product warranty.

A Tool-Kit-Depot AEG power tool has a warranty for the product’s life. This warranty is extended to six years from the date of purchase, while the battery warranty is extended to three years. To be eligible for an extended warranty, you must register the product online within 30 days of purchase. Please note that the warranty period does not cover batteries or spools, blades, or trimmer heads. It also excludes parts such as chucks and power source adapters.

AEG’s warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or repair work performed by unauthorised personnel or by misuse. It also does not cover wear or tear that results from excessive or abnormal use or the use of consumable parts. If you have questions about your warranty coverage, you should contact an AEG authorised service centre to discuss your options. You should also check your tool for metal shavings. It is a common sign that your tool is not performing as it should.

They are built tough.

For heavy-duty applications, AEG power tools are well suited for your needs. The lineup of AEG power tools includes saws, drills, grinders, sanders, multi-tools, impact tools, and more. Each one is designed for maximum durability while being easy to use. Some models are suitable for DIY projects, while others are for professional use. If you’re looking for a high-quality tool that’s reliable, sturdy, and affordable, then AEG is worth considering.

The first tool factory was located in Berlin but soon moved to the Stuttgart region, quickly known as Germany’s Silicon Valley. Today, AEG’s manufacturing facility is located in Esslingen/Festo, the same place that hosts Porsche, Fein, and Metabo. In addition to manufacturing AEG power tools, the company also manufactures models for other companies. For example, TTi manufactures Ryobi, Makita, and Ramset power tools.

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