InBook Release, Silverpines Series


I’ve spent most the day and yesterday revamping my website. It still needs a few tweaks but I think it’s looking a lot better. I believe I’ve made it easier to find where to sign up for my newsletter as well as where to connect with me on social media. I’ve also included a “shop” button which will take readers directly to my Amazon page where they may view my books. Hopefully, this will be helpful to everyone. However, if you see a few changes being made over the next few days – not to worry – just fixing those little tweaks – like photo sizes and such. Now then, in other news! First, I’ve created a Facebook group with the goal in mind of making it like a little online bookstore. I’m hoping over time and as it grows authors and readers will share books they’ve read, what’s on sale, perhaps free and so forth. Sorta like a one-stop shop for books. If you’re interested in joining I’d love to have you! I will say the group is listed as Public until September 1st in my attempt to grow it. Feel free to share it too.

Second, who needs the next Silverpine’s book? Well, Wanted Engineer went LIVE today! It is FREE on Kindle Unlimited or just $2.99 for those who do not have Kindle Unlimited.

Also, if you are not yet a member of our Silverpine’s readers group I invite you to join us where you can chat with the authors and stay up to date on the newest releases.

Lastly, I’m a tad late on sending out my newsletter, but it will go out sometime tomorrow afternoon. I know this is short and sweet, but it’s way past my bedtime and I just wanted to take a moment to update you, let you know what’s going on with the site and so forth.

We’ll chat again soon. I promise! I’ve so much to tell you.



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