Novated Lease For Australian Defence Force Employees

Are you thinking of obtaining a novated lease for your new car? If so, you can learn more about salary packaging, the cost of a novated lease, and changes to a lease after three years. This article will give you the information you need to know to make the best decision for your needs. If you consider taking out a novated lease, you may be eligible for salary packaging through ADF Payroll.

Vehicle-Solutions defence salary sacrificeCosts of a novated lease

The Australian Defense Force offers its employees a variety of benefits, including the ability to purchase a car, but few of these benefits are as lucrative as a novated lease. This lease allows employees to obtain a vehicle with a suite of extras at a significantly reduced price. While a novated lease may not be as exciting as helicopter piloting or a practical exercise, it’s worth considering.

A novated lease is an excellent way to finance a new car, as it eliminates the need for a large deposit and provides the ability to use the vehicle on an extended basis. The ADF also pays for the vehicle’s running costs directly from their pay, so it’s a great way to save money. Knowing that a car lease will help a member’s tax bill is also helpful, as the payments for a novated lease are taken out of taxable income.

Tax savings

The tax savings from the novated lease for ADF employees is an excellent option for those looking to save money on their car payments. A novated lease is a three-way agreement that allows you to pay for the vehicle and running costs while reducing your taxable income. Many Australian Defence Force employees will benefit from salary packaging through novated leasing. In addition to saving money on their car payments, the novated lease option will also provide GST savings. Learn more about Vehicle-Solutions defence salary sacrifice.

When choosing a novated lease for an Australian Defence Force vehicle, you must ensure you get a competitive quote. A dealership that wants your business will be happy to match your quoted price but ensure you understand all the charges and interest rates. Those hidden costs can quickly erode the tax savings. Also, be sure to ask about ongoing fees and take-home pay reductions.

Changes to a novated lease after three years

An Australian Defence Force employee can take advantage of a three-way novated lease, which involves their employer becoming a party to the purchasing contract. This arrangement allows an employee to own a vehicle and pay for running costs from pre-tax earnings. In addition, because income tax is calculated on the reduced salary, the employee’s disposable income is higher. Novated leases also avoid paying GST, reducing the cost by ten per cent.

Government employees, however, are automatically eligible for novated leasing as they enjoy the same benefits as other government employees. They can also save GST on the leasing payments because of their tax status. The savings, however, are not guaranteed and depend on the employer’s accounting practices and internal policies. However, they are still significant. And because the program is not exclusive to government employees, the Australian Defence Force may opt for it.

Veterans in Construction

Veteran-owned construction business Lendlease has completed a novated lease for the new Poppy’s Cafe in Canberra. The building will include an underground car park and additional parking near the memorial. The veterans’ partnership with Lendlease provides the company with an excellent way to provide employment opportunities to those who have served in the Australian Defence Force. In addition, the surviving spouse receives the couple’s pay rate during the project.

The company has also partnered with an Australian project management firm to co-locate industry partners and has engaged Conscia to assist with the tender process. As a result, five Australian-owned construction companies have been shortlisted in the ongoing Request for Tender process. The site was found following a thorough search of land. The novated lease is a strategic growth corridor, and Hanwha and Conscia have collaborated on an in-depth feasibility study. Learn more about Vehicle-Solutions defence salary sacrifice.

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